Destiny's Price

A return of Spirit, a respite, a setup, and an explosion...

RedCrow Field Notes

RedCrow's field notes:

The schooling continues… classes are interesting in that learning how some people organize their minds,  apparently  they consider be rigid a bonus, perhaps too many spiders not enough coyotes?  The walls here are think and stubborn.  There are Rules for everything. Of course taking care of the Peoples seems not to be a high priority rule.  

Released Archimedes from his watch, no noticeable improvement. A good  rain will need to wash away the ash.

..Made a rather disturbing discovery in the stacks… romance is in the air… and on the floor.  At least Annie got a show.

Burrito Party was a success,  Sushi and Sausage? I guess with enough alcohol anything become palatable.  I begin to see why they all drink here.

Need to spend more time in meditation on roof,  Sage  and Rosemary.

Success,  Cascabel has agreed to travel with me for a time.

Nic found a enchanted book under his bed.  Fallen Earth, special  edition trade paperback, mint condition… bit of magic right there for 22 year old book. Nic read it, Hallai read it, Michael read it… i hitched a ride with Michael and his speed reading trick.  Does seem to take the enjoyment out of a book, not that there was much in there.  They  described Atlantis wrong per Old Man Hat.   There is a spell to open a portal to….?  I wonder  who will be the first to cast the spell?

Nic traced the  book back to previous owners/ bearers of the book.  He talked about webs and fractals,  smoke and mirrors.  i wonder if one of Spider's People could help us run the web…  one of the threads lead to our friend Dougie of the ashes. I think a rather large thunder storm might be in his near future.  He  is sick with drink, not much for socializing.   He was not impressed by the RA Richards forced sobriety potion. I will need to ask him about that… Doug  was deceitful and belligerent. the sobriety seems only to further aggravated his disagreeableness.  I communed with the House Forces Spirit.  A very dynamic and bold personality.  Good sense of humor.  Have to bring a gift next time.   Hallai, Michael, and Nic spoke to Doug.  Hallai seems to have put something together regarding his father, a stone, and a nameless one.  They let Doug succumb to his vices.

  On the way back to the Library, we encounter a rampaging Headmaster… It seems the two weeks of quiet were his  doing.  Not sure why he did not reach out to Michael prior to the end of the two weeks.  Marisol and I made amends. Chen, not so much.  Apparently the Headmaster does not like to have his authority questioned, not does he respond well to questions. I guess this is why he is an administrator.  He does like his power, rules, and  "authority."   He took offense at my observation that the college is to rigid and hidebound. So as it stands now, Michael might be leaving the campus… Although if he has an Alumni card, doesn't that mean he  is an alumni? strange rules…   Hallai told Michael to remain calm…I know, stop laughing.   Hallai also sent the Headmaster towards Dougie, explaining his role in the book and the connection that were unearthed.  

Will need to see about planting more sage on campus if i stay.





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