Spirit of correction


At present, Archimedes counts as a Gremlin 2, but with work Douglas could turn him into a Familiar of unspecified level.

Archimedes is permanently Materialized due to a Spirit 3/Prime 3 effect.


Archimedes is an owl spirit summoned from the Mission Presido library to serve as a “remedial instructor” for Douglas Quinn, called and bound by Sean Macdougal Red Crow and Hallai, with an assist from Michael Gasparutti to physically permanently Materialize the spirit. The inciting incident Archimedes was summoned to correct was an issue of racial sensitivity, but the owl is a grumpy pedant by nature, and might take advantage of any number of “teachable moments.”

True Owl Facts

The owl spirits in the library are spirits of wisdom and learning, and despite their predator/prey relationship, are actually allied to the mouse-spirits within the school as part of a single brood.

Archimedes’ appearance strongly resembles “The Great Owl” from The Secret of Nimh. That owl is of a great horned owl, one of the most common owls in the San Diego area (Bubo virginianus pacificus).


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