Mission Presidio University is a prestigious private university in San Diego, California. It is however, a school with a secret. Its the front for a powerful and ancient Chantry of the Council of Nine. Here the students study in a powerful and hidden realm upon which the campus is built the secrets of the Art, or as laymen call it, magic.

Outside the University is the City of San Diego as reflected in the World of Darkness. A vast tarnished jewel of industry, avarice, poverty, and corruption overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Hidden in the depths of its shadows are angry ancient spirits twisted by years of progress, and lashing out at the equally dangerous spirits of industry, greed, and exploitation. The shadow people clash in back alleys of downtown, and the quiet parks of the suburbs for turf, power, and old blood feuds. This is the territory of the disparates, orphans, and hedge witches. Spoke of in hushed whispers by the MPU Faculty in either contempt or fear. These magical outsiders deal in magic via favors, money, and blood. They gather what magic secrets and spells they can by any means possible, and are loyal to no one but their own covens and cabals, if that.

Yet the University itself has many secrets, and enemies. There are many opportunities for the inquisitive student to explore the mysteries of the Campus while navigating their own path to Ascension. Eventually the students will have to face a powerful external threat that poses a danger to the entire Chantry, and perhaps even Magic itself.

Destiny's Price

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