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Body Sense

Mind 1, optional LIfe 1, optional Correspondence 1, optional LIfe 1 or3

The typical human has far more than five senses.  Vision, hearing, sight, smell, and taste are the ones most often considered, but other senses include equilibrium (sense of balance), proprioception (awareness of one's body position and posture in relation to other parts of the body), temperature, nociception (ability to experience pain), senses of direction and time, et cetera.  These senses or at least one's awareness of their inputs and overall attentiveness to them, can be augmented with Mind like any other perceptive quality (i.e. Mind cannot make your eyes any sharper, but it can make you more observant about what you see). 

System: This rote's principal benefit is reducing difficulties for some physical tasks (Brawl, Melee, Dodge, and most Athletics, for example, but not feats of Strength), making movements and balance more efficient, graceful, et al

Time 1 provides perfect timing to go with perfect balance and movement, and Correspondence 1 add total environmental awareness.  Life 1 grants a pretenatural awareness of one's own body, while life 3 permits subtle or even Vulgar augmentation of the body.  

Spells, Rotes, and Rituals

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