House Rules

Below are the various optional and additional rules from the Mage Storytellers Guide, Guide to The Traditions, and Bitter Road we will be using in Destiny's Price.

Redefining Magic

  • Prime Directing
    A Magician is typically limited by one's Avatar Rating for how much Quintessence they can spend into an effect to lower the difficulty on a magical effect. In this chronicle the limit is the higher of their Avatar or Prime Sphere level.  The reduction limit of -3 from original base difficulty still applies. (Mage Storyteller's Guide, 18)
  • Avatar Storm Paradox
    In the original rules any crossing of the Gauntlet caused aggravated damage to the mage, and this damaged increased the high their Arete rating became.
    In Destiny's Price this clause is removed. Instead, all botch damage incurred by magic rolls or Paradox related to the Spirit Sphere is automatically aggravated. The use of Spirit magic is still more dangerous than previous to the Avatar Storm, but successful casting rolls for Spirit effects, and failed rolls that do not botch, do not cause damage to the mage. (Mage Storyteller's Guide, 19)

Combat Changes

  • Cinematic Damage
  • Minimum Damage Rolls
  • Grades of Minimum Damage
  • No "1s" Damage

Cinematic Magic

  • Double Successes!
  • Arete+Sphere

System Changes

  • Seeking Experience Cost Waived

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House Rules

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