Destiny's Price

Minority Report
Formal Statement of Michael Gasparutti regarding the



Full Name: Name Unknown ("Five Elements" is not a name for a person, it's a restaurant)

☐ Student  ☐ Employee ☑ Visitor   ☐ Vendor 

Home Address: Unknown

Phone Number: Unknown

Full Name: Charles Winthrop III

☑ Student  ☐ Employee ☐ Visitor   ☐ Vendor 

Home Address: First Year Residence Hall

Phone Number: XXX-XXX-XXXX

Full Name: Unknown ("Chupacabra")

☐ Student  ☐ Employee ☑ Visitor   ☐ Vendor 

Home Address: ### XXXXXXXXXX  Lajolla, CA XXXXX

Phone Number: XXX-XXX-XXXX


Date of Incident XX/XX/XXXX


Police Notified  Yes ☑ No

Location of Incident: Old Central Library, 820 E St

Description of Incident (what happened, how it happened, factors leading to the event, etc.) Be as specific as possible (attached additional sheets if necessary):

I volunteered to serve as an escort for several students off-campus for dinner and drinks.  Our group included Charles Winthrop III, Douglas Quinn, Hallai, Nic Smith, Sean Red Crow, my nephew Daniel, and of course Basker.  While we were out, Hallai went to buy some stuff from a street vendor, who told us to be on our guard, because a "chupacabra" was around.  Once our senses were up, we caught wind of the Resonance of a monster.  Some extra research (thank Nic for that) revealed some kind of fat-eating demon possessing a man in a three-piece suit, who had already killed at least a hundred victims, and probably more.  

I sent Daniel back to the university, escorted by one of the university's owl spirits.  Then we, the more experienced magi present, chose to pursue.   We had Basker track it, which eventually led us through a camp of homeless people in front of the old library.  We were having a perfectly civil conversation with some of the "food not bombs" folks there, when some guy calling himself "Five Elements" rolled up with a posse of five (obviously) potent elementals and started making threats. 

I feel that I should interject a number of things at this point: 

First, I think Red Crow should be commended on his diplomacy.  He kept a cool head, even while Five Elements was throwing some seriously racist shade.  And also dissing the Traditions, but mostly the racist stuff.  

Second, I 100% support Hallai's decision to lay the fucker out.  I got a good look at him on multiple levels, and the man is a black hole of selfishness and malice.  He came spoiling for a fight and fabricating excuses to pick one, and I saw no indication of kid gloves.   The fact that he's also primal and powerful only makes it worse, not a redeeming characteristic.  His only poor decision was misplaced mercy in not finishing the job.  

Third, something is seriously up here.  I've lived here for years, been all over this city for both work and play, and I've never had a petty thug come this hard at me for being a thousand feet from the trolley station.  

Fourth, we really need to stop calling them "hedge witches."  It shows disrespect to both the Crafts and the actual hedge-witches (many of whom are, ironically, members of good standing in the Traditions).  But also, it conjures the image of kindly old women on the edge of town, not violent thugs.  

Anyway, after a lot of pissing and dick-measuring, Nic managed to call us an Uber, but on our way out, Hallai managed to hit 5E with some kind of spirit bomb as a parting shot.  5E collapsed, but seemed to still be alive.  

We proceeded to La Jolla to complete the mission.  We ghosted into his apartment and eliminated the demon, which had the unfortunate if predictable consequence of destroying the host.  Once we got a better whiff of the fomor's Resonance, we determined that it smells like THE EXILED.  

Our current theory is that the fomor was put out to stir up trouble between us and the Crafts in the city.  So, yeah, we stepped in that one. 

Were there any witnesses to the incident? ☑ Yes  No

If yes, attach separate sheet with names, addresses, and phone numbers.

Two members of "Food Not Bombs" saw 5E collapse, but witnessed to overt acts of magic.  There were no direct witnesses to the action against the fomor; he did manage to call the police before we silenced him, but all they heard were some strange sound effects before we absconded through the Umbra.  I have his phone, we ca see who he was in contact with.  

Was the individual injured? If so, describe the injury (laceration, sprain, etc.), the part of body injured, and any other information known about the resulting injury(ies).

Five Elements was rendered unconscious and probably suffered internal injuries from a Primal spirit blast.  He looked to be still breathing, but we didn't hang around to check him out.  

During the altercation, an imp of fear and madness attached itself to Chuck, but other casualties were at a minimum.  

Hallai blew up the fomor.

Was medical treatment provided? ☑ Yes ☑ No  Refused

If yes, where was treatment provided: ☑ on site  Urgent Care  Emergency Room  Other

No treatment was provided to 5E by us.  If we're lucky he bled out. 

No treatment was provided to the fat-eater.  He's pâté now.  

The imp attached to Chuck was bound and attacked.  Success of treatment still unclear.  


Individual Submitting Report (print name) Michael Gasparutti

Signature **********************

Date Report Completed XX/XX/XXXX

Welcome to the Dollhouse
First day of spring quarter.

Hallai, Sean, and Forge are assigned three first years to give a tour around campus for their first day. They meet Douglas, Daniel, and Charles. 

Mike comes along to ensure his nephew get's a proper tour of the facilities, including an up close look at the sealed gateway to the former Horizon. It is impressed upon the first years that this place is dangerous and they are NEVER to return.

Afterwards there is a tour of the library lead by Sean. A moment of cultural insensitivity by Doug leads to the summoning of a powerful Owl spirit named Archimedes. This spirit ruffles feathers, pun intended, and lands "Dougie" in the infirmary. This chain of events leads to Daniel learning an important lesson about assumptions, privilege, and the problematic nature of Disney Films.

Overall, an interesting first day. 


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