Destiny's Price

Welcome to the Dollhouse
First day of spring quarter.

Hallai, Sean, and Forge are assigned three first years to give a tour around campus for their first day. They meet Douglas, Daniel, and Charles. 

Mike comes along to ensure his nephew get's a proper tour of the facilities, including an up close look at the sealed gateway to the former Horizon. It is impressed upon the first years that this place is dangerous and they are NEVER to return.

Afterwards there is a tour of the library lead by Sean. A moment of cultural insensitivity by Doug leads to the summoning of a powerful Owl spirit named Archimedes. This spirit ruffles feathers, pun intended, and lands "Dougie" in the infirmary. This chain of events leads to Daniel learning an important lesson about assumptions, privilege, and the problematic nature of Disney Films.

Overall, an interesting first day. 


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